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Our newest apprentice IT support engineer, Macauley Cupitt tells us about his first few weeks.
Starting an apprenticeship with new people and new jobs might sound daunting, but when I first started at Netcom Technologies, I was more than impressed with just how nice and welcoming people were.On the first week at Netcom my ultimate goal by the end of that week was to get me on the phones, and to get me helping customers, at first I was a little hesitant to say the least, I wanted to make sure that I would impress everyone the first time, I wanted to be the cherry on the Ice Cream that was Netcom.After my training with Netcom’s ticketing and customer management system had finished and I had passed my tests (getting 97% by the way!), I was well on my way to start answering phone calls, after some practice attempts with my colleagues, the next day, I was ready.People tend to say you never forget the first time, well yes I agree, my first phone call was nerve racking to say the least, but all of the guys here were doing their best to give me the best support and when the phone call was done, I got a round of applause.A few weeks later was an introduction to eCommerce and the different sales channels used by Netcom.  As an apprentice engineer im tasked with doing more than just engineers things and get to experience product sales, procurement and admin even though this isn’t what I’ll be doing all of the time it means that I get to understand the roles of my colleagues and how the different parts of the company interact with each other. Learning how to use things like Amazon was a little tricky at the start but I managed to get it all together and now things that I procured and posted are being sold every day.  It’s all very different to what I expected but a worthwhile experience.On this week I’ve been working alongside one of the other apprentices, we seem to get on very well! It’s nice to work in an environment where everyone is nice to each other.  Next week im going out to meet some clients and spend some time onsite so if you’re a customer and reading this, please be kind!

To finish off working at Netcom is a tiring, sometimes stressful but in the end…

I love it.

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