Relax Knowing Your Network is Robust, Secure, Protected All With a Single Point of Contact and Fixed Monthly Fee 

The network is the neural pathway of your business and it’s important that this allows the unbroken and efficient flow of data to keep you working.  Our Network Guard package takes management to the next dimension, delivering a user interface that allows access to your network topology and devices in Real-time, giving you complete visibility of your network. Further with our monitoring and support you can relax knowing if things go wrong, it will be identified and rectified in the quickest possible time, getting you working with minimal disruption.

We Make Sure your Work at Optimal performance and Should the Worst Happen you have experts on hand to fix your problems. 

How Network Guard Will Help Your Business

Reduced Downtime

With proactive monitoring and quick fault
resolution we ensure that any downtime
and financial impact from a failure of a
network device is kept to a minimum.
Proactive Monitoring

We can monitor devices 24/7 to identify and
flag , signs that something maybe wrong
or ready to fail. This allows us to respond and
resolve potential problems before they
impact your business
Router & Network ConfigurationAutomatic Updates & Security Patching

Working to IASME standards we ensure that
your R Network is updated and secured in line
with IASME Cyber Essentials guidelines
to ensure optimal working and security
Network Support CostFixed Monthly Fee

With a simple monthly fixed monthly fee,
You are always in control of costs and can
relax knowing there will be no nasty surprises.
Remote Support Remote and Onsite Support

Most faults can be diagnosed and
resolved remotley. If not, you have
the option of one of our skilled
network experts to visit your site and resolve
the issue, getting you back up and running
as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.
Realtime Visibility & Topology

With our unique portal you can see your entire
network topology in Real-time and access devices
to make configuration changes all through our intuitive
user interface.

Real time Visibility of Your Network with “Network Guard Advanced” 

Network Guard Advanced delivers advanced device management in Real-time. Our user interface allows a complete view of your network and attached devices allowing you to update and identify network challenges and devices 24/7.

Take control With Live Network Topology

Discover the Benefits of Network Guard From Just £8.99 per month   


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