Remove the Worry and Stay Secure with Cost Effective Server Support and Maintenance 

With Server Guard 24 you can relax knowing that the heart of your network is in safe hands and well looked after.  Server Guard delivers  proactive monitoring. alerts, managed patches/updates and we keep your server in the best possible health.

Should a challenge occur, you will benefit from remote and onsite expertise to ensure we can get things back up and running in the quickest possible time. Included in your Server Guard package is the added benefit of Active Directory & Asset Management all for a low cost monthly fee.

Whether you run a small office with a single server, or a large data centre with physical and virtual servers, Server Guard is there to support you and ensure we keep the lights on.

How Server Guard Will Help You

Reduced Downtime

With proactive monitoring and quick fault
resolution we ensure that any downtime
and financial impact from Server failure is
Kept to a minimum.
Proactive Monitoring

We monitor your servers 24/7 to identify and
flag signs that something maybe wrong
or potentially failing This allows us to respond
and resolve the threat before it has any impact.
Patch Management

We ensure that your servers have the latest security, system updates,
and patches. These are even run in a test environment before
deployment reducing risk and ensuring optimal health and protection.

Fixed Monthly Fee

With a range of options to suit your business,
and all for a fixed monthly fee, you always
know what you will be paying and can relax
knowing you will receive no nasty surprises.
Remote and Onsite Support

Most Server faults can be diagnosed and
resolved remotley. If not our team of skilled
server experts will visit your site and resolve
the issue, getting you back up and running.
Management & Assett Tracking

With ServerGuard you also have the
option of assett tracking and
active directory management, removing
workload and allowing you to focus on the day to day tasks.

Features Built Around Business Needs


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