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Having a data breach or having data exposed has serious financial and reputation implications for your company.

The threat landscape has changed with cyber crime now exceeding organised crime in terms of revenue. Your data has value, whether you are locked out with a  Ransomware attack or having data stolen the results will be the same. Lost Revenue, reputation and a potential fine from the Information Commissioners Office.(ICO)

Aside from the Malicious hackers and hacktivists looking to steal or lock your data, how much is your intellectual property worth?  Would your sales strategies and customer list be useful to a competitor?  It only takes one compromised password to allow access to your systems.

Protecting You From Threats With DarkSpy

DarkSpy is a monthly service providing market leading threat intelligence from the Dark Web.

We scan and search the dark web and deliver visibility of emails and passwords that could be compromised or for sale on the Dark Web.

Every 2 Hours, DarkSpy runs deep scans and enquiries on the dark web looking for markers and identifiers of your business domain, email addresses and passwords that can be purchased or available for free on the web.

This insight allows you to take remedial action in order to lock down gateways and passwords that would otherwise leave your company exposed to attack.

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