The General Data Protection Regulations Have Arrived – Are You Ready?


GDPR, General Data protection Regulations


As of the 25th of May 2018, across 28 countries, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) became enshrined in law.  You  need to be on your journey to GDPR Compliance across the business.

Any business that captures data that can be used to identify an EU citizen, whether business or personal data, will need to comply, or face heavy penalties. With the Information Commissioners Office now able to issues fines of up to £20 million, or 4% of global turnover. (The previous maximum fine for compliance failure was £500k) the risks for noncompliance are far greater.

Key Considerations for GDPR

  • The definition of personal data now goes deep even to IP address.
  • Businesses not in the EU will still need to comply with rules.
  • GDPR is a law – Not a guideline
  • Customers have the right to be forgotten and have data erased – and you only have 30 days to do it.
  • Rules around the transfer of data outside of the EU are being tightened.
  • Companies need to demonstrate/justify why they are keeping data and where and how this was obtained.
  • The ICO has greater powers and can issue larger fines to businesses who fail to meet compliance requirements.

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How Do We help With GDPR Compliance?

We are working with companies not only to ensure systems, technology and, processes are as secure as possible but also by certifying businesses with IASME Cyber Essentials certification.  This highlights GDPR vulnerabilities and areas for work.

We then deploy tools and expertise to test systems and processes to IASME GDPR standards ensuring processes, systems, and staff understand the requirements and the business can demonstrate a positive proactive commitment to mitigating risk and being GDPR compliant.

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