Q – Why are you doing such a big promotion?

Pure and simple we want to grow our business! Our market is competitive, and we know, once we have the chance to demonstrate what we do and how we do it – Customers don’t leave.

Q -How do you make money with this? What’s the catch?

The truth is, for the first year of looking after you we will make a loss, our on-boarding process take between 30-40 hours alone. We make a profit when you remain with us, and we are confident you will see the value in partnership. Our customer lifetime value makes this promotion worthwhile.

Q – 36 Months seems like a long time

36 months is pretty much the standard contract term for our industry. If you are a company that wants to change your IT support company every year, then we are not the right choice for you!  After all, you can’t even do that with a mobile contract these days!

We also believe in honesty and integrity (See our Values) and have a mutual review at 18 months so if you’re not happy you are free to go!

Q – I am worried that the service will be poor and I can’t leave! 

We understand this concern, but we don’t lose customers and work to the highest standards. On average our customers have been with us over 10 years. We work to our company values and would be happy to put you in touch with our existing customers to discuss how they find working with us.

To make you feel comfortable we have a review at 18 months and if we are not meeting or surpassing your needs and expectations you will be free to roam.

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