Helping Industry to Focus on Production, Not IT Systems or Technology

Times can be challenging enough, without the additional burdens, risks and frustrations caused by poor technology or IT support. Your systems need to drive your                                   operational efficiency and if they result in downtime, this directly impacts productivity and profits.

At Netcom, we have a range of services to help, from full end to end IT support, to options built around supporting your internal IT teams, to help free up time. We have                 proven ourselves for over 16 years in South Yorkshire and beyond and understand what’s needed to keep things working even helping with Epicor deployment and planning.              We  understand how things have an impact which is why we proactively monitor systems as standard to ensure we can fix problems before they impact your production.

Services Used by Manufacturing

  • Computer/Workstation support – Keeping staff and systems working.
  • Network Support – Ensuring the pathways for data are fast and secure.
  • Server Support – Ensuring the heart of the network is in top condition and efficient.
  • Cloud & 365 – Driving efficiency with tools and support.
  • Connectivity – From Broadband to Satellite, we can help ensure your always connected.
  • Print – Reduce business costs with exceptional managed print for business.
  • Security – We are security specialist and can deliver advanced capabilities to protect your business.
All for a fixed monthly Fee allowing you to budget and control costs 

Free Cyber Essentials and Insurance for Every Customer

Netcom work to standards laid down by the National Centre for Cyber Security and IASME.  We are also  IASME Cyber Essentials Auditors and ensure all of our clients can benefit from Cyber Essentials certification. CE Certification is welcomed by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) as a step in delivering data privacy by design. Once on-boarded and meeting the required levels, we will certify and award your certification and Free Cyber Liability Insurance worth over £300.

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