Businesses across the globe must adhere to the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) if working with data of EU Citizens. This requires a focused approach to your data security and processes. Cyber Essentials Certification is the foundation to build on to ensure you work to industry standards. 

Any business that captures or uses data that identifies an EU citizen, whether business or personal data, need to comply, or face heavy penalties. The Information Commissioners Office is now able to issues fines of up to £20 million, or 4% of your global turnover. (The previous maximum fine for compliance failure was £500k) the risks for noncompliance are far greater.

Combines this with the increasing frequency and abilities of cyber-criminals, and the need to protect your systems and data has never been greater. This year alone we have seen a 40% increase in the number of data breaches through hacking and this trend is not going to diminish.

Don’t Panic  – We Help Businesses Like You, Get Prepared, Protected and Ready

For over 14 years we have been helping businesses use technology in the best way possible and work to IASME standards for security. This means we have the experience and expertise to understand your business and challenges and make recommendations to make your technology work for you.

Netcom is an IASME certification body, that means we can take your business security to the next level and help you achieve GDPR readiness for your business.

With the investment we have made in our in-house expertise, we can help your company prepare for the new legislation (GDPR) and help your company achieve Cyber Essentials and IASME Certifications.



Still on your Journey  – Three Steps to Get Your Business Ready for GDPR

With our three-step approach to Security, Governance and GDPR your business can demonstrate and be comfortable, that it has taken steps to mitigate risks, addressed process and educated the business to the needs of GDPR and data security.

Step One  – Cyber Essentials Certification

Step Two – IASME Governance

Step Three – IASME GDPR Readiness

Cyber Essentials IASME


The Cyber Essentials standard was developed over several years with government backing to create a cybersecurity standard which would be affordable and achievable. It allows businesses to demonstrate to customer, investors, and stakeholders that they have implemented essential security measures and controls to protect themselves against common cyber threats.

Why Become Cyber Essentials Certified?

  •  Achieve a recognised industry standard for Cyber Security
  •  Demonstrate to customers, investors and stakeholders you take security seriously
  • Gain competitive advantage by being certified
  • Reduce your risks of Cyber Attack by 80%
  • Help secure systems to meet GDPR readiness
  • Get 12 months Free Cyber Liability Insurance

How will this help with GDPR?

The new GDPR laws request security and data protection by design and ask companies to be able to demonstrate the measure to secure data that have been undertaken. Having Cyber Essentials certification is
a positive step on the journey to getting your business ready for GDPR. In addition to working through the IASME Governance and GDPR Readiness modules, you will identify and understand the policies and procedures that you need to cover to get ready for May 2018.

Key Considerations for GDPR

  • The definition of personal data now goes deep even to IP address.
  • Businesses not in the EU will still need to comply with rules.
  • GDPR is a law – Not a Guideline
  • Customers have the right to be forgotten and have data erased – and you only have 30 days to do it.
  • Rules around the transfer of data outside of the EU are being tightened.
  • Companies need to demonstrate/justify why they are keeping data and where and how this was obtained.
  • The ICO has greater powers and can issue larger fines to businesses who fail to meet compliance requirements.

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